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Here you can find information about me and my projects related to civil society and the politics of health. I have studied sociel sciences at the University of Helsinki in Finland and health policy at the University of Toronto and York University in Canada. During the past 15 years, I have worked with numerous non-governmental organizations in Finland and abroad. More recently, I have provided expert advice to think tanks and international organizations, such as the World Health Organization.

Currently I am working in the areas of health inequalities, marginalization, political advocacy, health policy, and the social determinants of health. My contributions to the field of public policy include over 80 articles, books, reports, and professional presentations. I have edited two books in Finnish: Arkipäivän kokemuksia köyhyydestä, 2007 (Everyday Experiences of Poverty) and Rikas runo, 2009 (An anthology of poems about poverty). I was one of the organizers of the writing contest “Everyday Experiences of Poverty” which collected over 800 autobiographical writings from people living in low-income situations.

I am also an avid photographer. You can find some pictures taken by me at


Curriculum Vitae (In English, PDF)

Publications in English

PhD Dissertation
Mikkonen, J. (2018). Intersectoral Action for Health: Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Directions in the WHO European Region. PhD Dissertation. School of Health Policy and Management, Faculty of Health, York University, Canada.

The Canadian Facts cover

Mikkonen, J. (2012). Finnish experiences. In D. Raphael (Ed.), Tackling health inequalities:
Lessons from international experiences (pp. 155-184). Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press.

[Download the PDF version]

"- - Through a political economy lens, Tackling Health Inequalities considers how societal structures and institutions shape the distribution of economic, political, and social resources that affect health disparities amongst the population. The volume then goes on to examine how governing authorities come to either confront or ignore these health inequalities and the conditions that create them." [Publisher's website]

The Canadian Facts cover

Social Determinants of Health:
The Canadian Facts (2010)

by Juha Mikkonen & Dennis Raphael
Foreword by Hon. Monique Bégin (Former Minister of National Health & Welfare of Canada)
Published in May 2010. ISBN 9780968348413

"This is a superb document for getting the message out there regarding the politics of health." (Dr. Elizabeth McGibbon) [1]

The report has been downloaded over 300,000 times from the website:


Mikkonen, J. (2013). The politics of poverty in Finland. Social Alternatives, 32(1), 24-30. [PDF]

Autobiographical narratives on poverty experiences. FSD Bulletin. Finnish Social Science Data Archive. Issue 33 (2/2011). [PDF]

Mikkonen, J., & Tynkkynen, L. (2010). Terve amis! Ammattiin opiskelevien terveyden taustatekijät: 50 toimenpide-ehdotusta terveyserojen kaventamiseksi [The social determinants of health among vocational school students in Finland: 50 recommendations to reduce health inequalities]. Helsinki: Association for Healthy Lifestyles. [English abstract]

Inequality kills on a grand scale (Vapaasana, Toronto, Canada. July 13, 2010)

The welfare state reconsidered (Vapaasana, Toronto, Canada. 48/2009)

Kiukas, V. & Mikkonen, J. (2009). The Finnish brewing industry and alcohol education. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 29 (26): 456–461.

Maunu, M. & Mikkonen, J. (2009). Remote politeness, close-range boozing, and targeted education. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 29 (26): 451–455.

Mikkonen, J. (2006). Transaktioanalyysi persoonallisuus- ja vuorovaikutusteoriana. Psykologia 5:328-344. (Transactional Analysis as a theory of personality and communication, Journal of the Finnish Psychological Society vol. 5 2006 pp. 328-344. A peer-reviewed article). [English abstract]

The myth of self-esteem (2005)